Clergy Changes

Welcome our new Parochial Vicars:

Father Patrick Sherrard

Famous Golfer? and one of our new Parochial Vicars!
Fr. Patrick was born in Seattle in 1985 (yes, he is that young) and raised in Kent. He graduated from Kentlake High School in 2003 and attended Western Washington University. God was definitely calling out to young Patrick at this juncture because he converted to Catholicism while in Bellingham. He completed his BA in English Literature at Western and received his Secondary Education Certificate from Woodring School of Education. Fr. Patrick began a short teaching tenure, but God interrupted again sending Patrick on a journey to Catholic University in Washington, DC for seminary training. Father completed his seminary work at the University of St. Mary of the Lake in Mundelein, Illinois where he received his BA in Sacred Theology & his Master’s in Divinity. On June 25, 2016 Fr. Patrick was ordained by Archbishop J. Peter Sartain in St. James Cathedral. Happy One Year Anniversary Fr. Patrick!!!
As you can see by the photo above, Fr. Patrick is an avid golfer and he loves to explore & play any new course in Western Washington. On a more esoteric level, Father has a particular interest in Johannine Scriptures and in Sacramental Theology. Father claims to be a lifelong Seattle sports fan, so we will have to quiz him on his knowledge. His other interests include film, history, chess, backgammon, and cribbage.
Let us warmly welcome Fr. Patrick to our family!

Father Armando Perez

Fr. Armando was born & raised in Southern California, but he has lived in the Seattle area since 1990. His parents are from Mexico, so his native tongue is Spanish. Fr. Armando’s father passed away 4 years ago and his mother still resides in Southern California. Father has 6 siblings along with a number of nieces & nephews. Fr. Armando did his seminary schooling at the Sacred Heart School of Theology in Wisconsin. Father has been ministering in the Archdiocese of Seattle since 2002.

Personally, Father is not embarrassed to say that he turns 57 this year, and that because of past sports-related injuries, he limits his activities to walking, some weight lifting, and stretching exercise. He is fond of all foods, but has found that he has had to eliminate some foods due to allergies & other restrictions. Father tells us that his interests are wide and varied, but that he especially likes to read. Science and nature books are among his favorites, and he is currently reading a book by Fr. Ron Rolheiser, Forgotten Among the Lilies – Learnig to Love Beyond Our Fears. Fr. Thomas Merton is Father’s favorite spiritual writer. Fr. Armando likes all movies, but favors dramas. He prefers to listen to Contemporary Christian music, especially Praise & Worship music.

Let us warmly welcome Fr. Armando to our family!

Fr. Negusse Keleta Transition

“Parting is such sweet sorrow that I shall say goodnight till it be morrow.”― William Shakespeare,  Romeo and Juliet

Father Negusse is leaving and Father Negusse is staying??? We shall be parted from Father Negusse only in the sense that he will no longer be living in the rectory at St. Edward, and that he will no longer be presiding at weekday nor Saturday Masses. On the bright side, we shall see Fr. Negusse on the “morrow” because he will continue to celebrate Sunday Masses with us. So, we are losing him as a full-time resident, but we are keeping him as a vital part of our community.

We have been blessed to have Fr. Negusse and his Eritrean community as part of our cluster family for the last 4 years. Fr. Negusse now will be living in residence at Immaculate Conception Parish and his community will “be moving” with him. That is, instead of holding their Sunday services at St. George, Fr. Negusse & his community will celebrate their Sunday afternoon Mass at Immaculate.

Fr. Negusse’s Eritrean community has brought a richness to our family that we will miss. They have truly helped us to see our Catholic faith as a truly universal faith. So, while we will do lose the presence of the Eritrean community, we will get to keep and see Fr. Negusse on a weekly basis. We pray that this transition will be a time of blessing for all of us!

Farewell to Father Vu Tran

“All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players; 
They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.” 
― William ShakespeareAs You Like It

We have been blessed to have Fr. Vu play his role on our stage for the last 2 plus years. When he first came to our doorstep 3 years ago, we all wonder about this new long-haired young man, but it did not take him long to become a cherished and loved member of our family. Fr. Vu played an active and vital role in our community, and he will be greatly missed. He has helped us to grow and learn in so many ways, and we can only hope that we, in return, have helped him grow and learn in some small way.

Fr. Vu leaves us to play a larger role on his own stage. Fr. Vu will now be the pastor of St. John Mary Vianney in Kirkland. We know that Fr. Vu will be a wonderful shepherd and role model for his new parish family. The only drawback for him will be that he will have to travel a greater distance if he wants more of those seafood buffet dinners! But that is, indeed, a small price to pay.

We wish you all God’s blessings Fr. Vu as we bid you a fond farewell!!!